Wishing I could be productive 24/7

I’m hoping this week will be a very productive one for me. I really want to launch my podcast by the end of the month and there is less than a week to go.  Today I finished editing the podcast that will be the third one out; I will be launching 3 at launch + episode 00 to introduce the concept of the show. That is something I’ve been putting off as I feel even in doing these interviews I am still not 100% sure of the direction I am taking. If there is something I’ve learnt in these past months leading up is that if you wait for anything to be 100% you will just never pull the trigger on anything.

Although I did do a lot of what I wanted to accomplish for today, I still feel pretty guilty that I maybe only put in 3-4h of solid work in a full day. It’s so easy to get distracted at the computer, to check Facebook, go on youtube, or even to apply for a job because the longer you go on trying to make some career the more you feel it might just be easier to take a job… That’s what I find the most ironic of it all, I want to be able to help other find a way to turn their passion into a career, and yet I still consider daily just resigning myself to be an employee somewhere. I definitely will have to fight with imposters syndrome if I do get things moving eventualy!

How do you guys keep on track and motivated for the big picture when you just feel like taking the easy way out? Let me know in the comments! J

Thanks for reading!

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