Trying to find my voice

This week there are two things that were said to me that stuck. The first revolving around how much one should be honest and authentic while writing journal entries like this. I mean we all have so many thoughts going through our head but a lot of them we wouldn’t really say out loud.  Filtering the thoughts that go through our head before we speak is not being un-authentic; it’s just common sense really. By publishing these thoughts, I’m essentially speaking them out loud, so I should probably use the same filter that I would when speaking out loud to these blog entries.

I was also asked this week what were my personal values and the values of the business I was looking to start. It seems like a pretty straightforward question that I didn’t really have an answer for. It made me feel a bit embarrassed as I felt like it’s something I should have thought about a long time ago, even before I started writing these blog entries. But this is a learning experience right. Hopefully some of you who are just starting to dabble in starting something on your own might be able to reflect on this today and not get caught like a deer in headlights like I was. Having time to think back about it I think authenticity, community and passion would be the 3 guiding values I am looking to uphold in this venture.

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