To Stats or not to Stats, and the state of podcasting


To stats or not to Stats, and the state of podcasting

Today was a productive day, I co-host a radio show on Tuesday’s and my first podcast (LeBuzz) also goes live on Tuesday so that sometimes entails work to put it up. I’m progressing on the launch of this podcast as well, I have 3 episodes saved as drafts in WordPress, I only need to put an intro and conclusion on the audio files and I will be ready, so looking to have those live by the weekend, and launching the podcast on Monday Feb 1st. So if anyone is reading they will have early access to the podcasts before they officially go live. I am really happy with the first 3 episodes; I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

So we got a bit of traction today with Le Buzz when our guest shared it with his facebook friends. Traction for us is anything over 50 hits to the site. It’s low, but I tell myself it’s not bad if 50 people are listening to what we are saying, it’s still better than 5. The issue is that today I did a bit more snooping on Google Analytics. It seems that the average session time on the site is 1-2 minutes. Therefore of those 50 lets say that do hit the site, most don’t listen very long. It’s understandable, we have a 1h podcast and in this world of 2-3 minute youtube videos no one has the time to listen to a 1h interview.

It’s a hard nut to crack as it’s hard to get feedback on how to improve. We do have people who listen regularly (our moms) but I think those who do are already familiar with podcasts and either listens to us in their cars or at work. Maybe we are just really still in the infancy of Podcasting where most people just haven’t gotten into a habit of being able to listen to more than just music, or maybe talk radio like podcasts are just not something the general person will ever be into.

So I’m wondering, what do you guys think?

Do I need to find a way to target people who already listen to podcasts?  How important do you give to your stats? If you do notice that your stats show no one is really listening, how do you adapt your show when those who listen can’t really give you suggestions on how to keep new listeners listening longer?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or join the Facebook group and let’s get a discussion started! 🙂

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