HBP021 – Tim Melanson – Learing opportunity in MLM

Learning opportunities in Multi-Level Marketing with Tim Melanson

Tim MelansonTim Melanson has a passion for  music and a gift for understanding technology. Soon after he started his first “real job” as a software developer, a tech sector downturn started forcing thousands of highly educated people out of work.

He turned to entrepreneurship as a backup plan. After almost a decade of building business ventures on the side, and then a little “nudge” from his company called a “layoff”, he finally took the plunge and has never looked back.

Today, Tim pursues his passion of being a real life RockStar playing music several nights a week in his home town. He also combines his technical experience and strong communication skills to help entrepreneurs build “RockStar” websites. He also hosts the WorkAtHome RockStar podcast, where he interviews successful home business owners and gets their best advice for navigating the “Work From Home” experience.

In this episode, Tim Melanson tells us about…

  • How he got started in MLM as a cost effective way to learn sales skills and get coaching
  • The power of asking questions
  • How even your hobbies can bring value and you should asked to be paid
  • The huge opportunity the internet is offering musicians and other creatives to promote themselves.

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