Spending too much time on small details

Spending too much time on small details

Well I’m almost done my initial episodes for my podcast! I should be done tomorrow if I can settle the music. Today I met with Nikki and she made a good point about how I spend way too much time analysing things and that the perfectionism that I try to get in what I do really hurts me in the long run as I am not getting the experience I need by trying things out to discover what works and what doesn’t. I guess I am scared of making the wrong decisions and regretting it later on, feeling like I might have blown an opportunity because I didn’t think about enough in advance, or didn’t explore it enough before making a decision. Fear of failure is a great crippler of productivity! As much as I do realise that, it’s still hard for me to make decisions. Even when I consciously want to get better, today I was given music for my podcast, it’s not exactly what I thought I wanted, so I spent 3-4h listening to all sorts of other music to try and see if I could find something without really finding what I want, but the music I was given did grow on me a lot and I feel I should probably just go with it!

So how do you get past the fear of failure and take action instead of dwelling on over analysing everything. Let me know! I really want to know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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