Slowly the gears are turning

Well summer is coming to an end and it seems motivation to work on my projects is going up. I can’t say progress is coming easy, but I’m forcing myself some discipline by setting to-do lists the night before when I am getting ready for bed. I think these to-do lists have been the single most beneficial thing that has helped me feel like I am progressing in this venture. I still feel like I have a lot of work to do until I can be proud of my level of productivity but slow and steady is better than high expectations without any consistency of actions. Procrastination revolving around online reading is still most likely the main culprit. I am realising I am an information junky, it seems so easy to jump from one topic to the next, learning all sorts of useful things. What I am realising is that my learning is more of the just in case kind, and I should try and concentrate on the just in time kind. I’m also spending a bit too much time listening to people on Periscope. There are so many interesting people broadcasting, and being an information junky I want to consume it all, especially as it still feels in the starting stage so you do have access to ask questions to all these big players in the online space. I got to ask a big name speaker about his tips on entering the speaking industry. What stuck with me the most was that he said no one is going to give you permission to do it, you just have to take permission and go. I thought that was very insightful, we probably all feel like we are waiting for some kind of permission, or perfect opportunity. You just need to take action

So I guess what I am trying to say in this post is that I feel I need to focus on what I want to accomplish and try and only read up on that specific thing and then go take action on it! Put it on the to-do list and make it happen! But there is progress! Will check in again soon!

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