HBP026 – Prescott Perez-Fox – From Engineering to the Arts

From Engineering to the Arts with Prescott Perez-Fox

prescott perez-foxPrescott Perez-Fox is a graphic designer, brand developer, consultant, podcaster, writer, and speaker based in New York City. His design experience spans more than fifteen years, and focuses on identity, packaging & communication design.

After years of being frustrated, he decided to  change his life. Dedicating himself to learning business skills, he immersed himself in books, podcasts, lectures, and websites of entrepreneurs and successful pros. He started building a network and attending conferences, and put his knowledge into practice with his own clients. By developing systems for his business, he was able to free up time and energy to get back to the creative work.

You can find more information on Prescott on his website http://perezfox.com/ or his podcast http://www.busycreator.com/

In this episode, Prescott tells us about…

  • How he went from engineering to the artistic design field
  • There not being any single truth of correctness in the arts.
  • Finding your style or your voice
  • Conference bias and comparing yourself to others
  • Habits of the highly creative people
  • Showing your work and learning to make quick drafts

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