HBP014 – Marvin Polis & Fred Keating – Monetizing Your Creativity

Monetizing Your Creativity with Marvin Polis & Fred Keating

MonetizingYourCreativityMonetizing Your Creativity is a podcast providing ongoing answers to the question: “What does it take to earn a living with your creative talents?”  The podcast focuses on the success principles common to all disciplines by interviewing producers, directors, writers, actors, editors, cinematographers, music composers, animators and more.

Monetizing Your Creativity is co-hosted by industry veterans, Fred Keating and Marvin Polis.

Fred’s four decades in the entertainment industry include producing, directing and writing for radio, television, live theatre and large public events. His 33-year relationship with the Banff World Media Festival has given him access to world-class individuals in various entertainment and related industry craft categories. Fred has also played principal roles in over 30 feature films and 55 television series.

Marvin has dedicated his 35 year career to all forms of media, on the client side and production company side of advertising, promotions, and corporate communications. He’s credited in 5,000+ projects including radio, television, video, publications, podcasts and more. In addition to being a skilled producer and interviewer, he has been a media spokesperson for several major corporations.

You can listen to Monetizing Your Creativity on iTunes, your mobile podcast app as well as on Soundcloud


In this episode Marvin and Fred tell us about…

  • The importance of also considering the lifestyle of the art you want to create
  • How volunteering can help you discover your passion as well as provide excellent networking opportunities
  • The role trust plays in order for one to be able to get work in a creative field
  • The importance of having jobs that permit you to grow your network
  • Being willing to be underemployed to get future opportunities
  • Why they started their podcast
  • Some of the commonalities they observed in their first 25 episodes
  • Doing good work today and trusting opportunities will come tomorrow

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