HBP020 – Melanie Beaulieu – Creating Smiles

Creating Smiles with Melanie Beaulieu

Melanie BeaulieuMelanie Beaulieu grew up dreaming of a career in the entertainment industry. From a very young age she would spend countless hours singing, playing imrov and participating in high school theater productions. When adulthood came her way, she took an administrative job in order to pay the bills. It wasn’t until 6 in where she realized that life was about following your passions and doing what you were called to do. Melanie left her job and after many challenges she found a niche in the entertainment market. Diversity Booking and Entertainment’s princesses and superheroes were born. She now plans to develop more interesting and fun projects with her company Diversity Booking and Entertainment.

For more info check out Diversity Booking’s Website

In this episode, Melanie Beaulieu tells us about…

  • Her princesses and superheroes business of creating smiles
  • How she made the leap from a cubicle to being an entertainer and entrepreneur
  • The need to step out of your comfort zone
  • Being willing to fail and using the fear of failure to fuel your success

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