Fear of Failure?

I’m trying to figure out why I have such mental reluctance to start working on my things. It seems that I tell myself I am going to do some work, and then I instantly think about something else I need to do.  Taking action is still my main problem; I find it easy to read, to research, or to do any kind of learning but when it comes to putting these things to action I paralyse. I’m wondering if it’s not the fear of failure. It’s frustrating because I know that if I don’t take action I will never succeed, yet I am paralysed to take action because I’m most likely afraid to fail. Is there a secret I can use to push through and just accept to try things even if I think they are shit. I’ve heard a saying that went along the lines that if you aren’t embarrassed by your first tries that means that you took too long to take action. I’m hoping that this blog is my first step in breaking through this paralysis and the start of my career as a professional speaker.

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