HBP024 – Jeffrey Shaw – Knowing your “why” is not enough

Knowing your “why” is not enough with Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey ShawJeffrey Shaw is frequently described as “motivational and thought provoking; conceptual yet practical; a visionary with an eye for results.”

Jeffrey’s work centers on supporting creating entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between their passions and creating real profits.

He began his career as a highly-sought after portrait photographer for an exclusive clientele. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, in “O” magazine, People Magazine and CBS news.

Jeffrey has been trained by the most respected coaching institutions and mentors in the world making him a sought-after business coach and speaker. He is also the host of the popular business podcast, Creative Warriors, often ranked as one of iTunes hottest podcasts.

A contributor to the Huffington Post, Jeffrey is also the creator of the online training program The Creative Warrior Unleashed and has been cited in various publications and trade journals.

He frequently turns conventional business wisdom “upside down” to offer entrepreneurs a way to develop a sustainable business making a living doing what they love.

You can find more information on Jeff and his work at:

Jeffrey Shaw

Week of the Warrior

Creative Warriors Unite

In this episode, Jeffrey tells us about…

  • The dirty little secret of the business side of the arts
  • Why knowing your “why” is not enough
  • Chasing squirrels
  • Using fear as an indicator on what path to follow
  • Striving for your best and not being attached to the outcome
  • Using positivity and not discipline to get things done

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