HBP002 – Jeff Boudreau – Just Go and Shoot it

Just Go and Shoot it with Jeff BoudreauJeffBoudreau

Born in Bathurst, NB, Jeff Boudreau was always a huge supporter of the local music scene. After moving to Moncton to begin a career in video and TV production, Jeff became more involved with the Moncton music scene. This eventually lead to the first episode of Jeff’s Musical Car being released in 2012. Since then, Jeff’s Musical Car has released over 200 videos featuring artists from all over the world. He’s won 3 East coast music awards and 2 music NB awards and the series continues to grow in popularity.

Check out Jeff’s Musical Car on Youtube

In this episode Jeff Boudreau tells us about…

  • Creating side projects in field of work to keep it interesting
  • Helping emerging musicians to showcase their music
  • Using YouTube analytics and optimal video lenght
  • Improving by asking for feedback and  re-watching your own content
  • How an individual doing YouTube videos can now rival radio and TV stations
  • How he used social media to grow his fan base
  • His tips for people looking to get into internet videos

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