HBP010 – Jason Van Orden – Finding and Acting on your Passion

Finding and Acting on your Passion with Jason Van Orden

Jason VanOrdenJason Van Orden is passionate about teaching the science, psychology and systems used by master influencers to maximize their impact on the Internet. He’s the author of Promoting Your Podcast in which he was the first to crack the code for topping the iTunes charts. In 2005, he co-founded Internet Business Mastery, the longest running podcast for online entrepreneurs and one of the most profitable podcasts in iTunes.

You can find more information about Jason on his Website, his Facebook group , his Twitter and Internet Business Mastery


In this episode Jason Van Orden tells us about…

  • The importance of following your curiosity and trying new things
  • Thinking of going back to school for all the wrong reasons
  • How options only opened once he dove in and started taking action
  • The role of vision and grit when it comes to success
  • Getting over impostor syndrome
  • Just in time learning Vs just in case learning
  • When to think about quitting an idea
  • The toxicity of the word “should”

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