HBP012 – Cory Huff – Dispelling the Myth of the Starving Artist

Dispelling the Myth of the Starving Artist with Cory Huff

Cory Huff

Cory Huff helps artists quit their day jobs by teaching them how to sell their art online. He is the founder of TheAbundantArtist.com, and is also an actor, director, story teller and photographer. Cory and his wife live in Portland, Oregon with their two perfect cats.

For more information please visit The Abundant Artist Website or Facebook Page

In this episode Cory Huff tells us about…

  • The 3 roadblocks in making a living from your art
  • Finding permission to be an artist
  • Making art that resonates with yourself
  • The importance of controlling your main platform and changes happening in social media
  • Building up your network
  • How he deals with procrastination

Books discussed in the episode

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles – Steven Pressfield

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